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razak1981, 男性 37
I love to keep up with the latest movies, I often like to go to the cinema, I have no preference in film although I really enjoy war, action and sci fi. I read a lot and once again enjoy a good thriller and most genres. I used to be sporty and would take on anybody for a good challenging game of Badmington, so any offers, please let me know. On the masculin side I do like my rugby, snooker. I do like to have a good joke with people, but most importantly I am easy to get on with as I never judge anybody by their cover, your personality will always win with me first. Music wise is like my movies, i'll pretty much listen to anything. On the whole I am a charming, gentle fellow, who keeps my word and will always be there if you need me!!
Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Bournemouth (Dorset), England, 英國