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Postychic, 女性 48
I'm up front, straight forward person. Can make me come across as blunt but I'm honest and I'm me. I'm the type of person that is loyal and honest and try and help friends if needed . .. I like a variety of things but am willing to try new things with in reason. Not into the clubbing scene. I do have a few tattoos. I don't regret having any of them done. I'm willing to learn to like things for who ever is right for me. I rarely add guys ,feel free to add me but If i accept unlock photos or have one on your profile . I love a guy that can make me laugh. Have a joke, mess around but also one that can take it back. I do find guys younger than myself more attractive at times . But not always lol. IF YOU DONT HAVE KIDS BUT WANT YOUR OWN ONE DAY PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU ADD ME..... I CANT HAVE ANYMORE KIDS .... MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE KIDS THATS FINE. I DO HAVE 3 BOYS.....17, 24 & 27. AND 1 BEAUTIFUL GRANDDAUGHTER AND GRANDSON READ MY PROFILE PROPERLY............ DONT ADD ME UF YOU WANT KIDS. I CAN'T HAVE ANY MORE............... MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE
Tapestry, Hot guys ( ie. .. partner if I had one lol), bull terriers, Tattoos, VC Andrews novels ie. flowers in the attic, Hot days., Great conversation over a coffee, Guys that know how to treat a girl right, candle making. jigsaws. TV series on DVD., Cooking, Going Out
Kallangur, Queensland, 澳大利亞