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montanastars, 男性 59
Single, 56, 6 ft tall,approx 185 lbs. educated, dark hair and eyes,and hopefully possess a refined, clean and pleasant personality. Born in the States to mixed parents (dad was a 3rd generation cowboy from Montana USA. Worked in the family ranch in Montana for years but realized the "cowboy way of life" was going nowhere, so moved to Australia . Did my Degree here and taught in senior schools. I am single and financially independent Enjoy the simple things of life and do not carry any emotional baggage. I am not exactly a Hollywood hunk but neither am I the Alien. I don't believe I have ever been an embarrassment to anyone. I am not a tie and suit guy, having grown up in a cowboy culture, but I am clean and care about my hygiene and fresh breathed. Grew up on country and gospel music, and brought up in a home where we were taught to always respect the pride and dignity of women and treat her with respect. Got some extra photos below.
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