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MindfulChap, 男性 36
Mostly in my sparest of spare time (those rare days you feel comfortable just walking with no aim) I am finding myself getting deeper into photography which Ive been into on and off since I was very little and also just walking. Having slowed my life down I'm enjoy reading for pleasure and reading to learn, sketching and "painting and I have just started with spray tins. I like watching no TV for weeks then downloading complete series and watching them so intensely that I start to worry for the characters I have warmed too. I have always watched live bands and shows of all types and always will. In recent years I've enjoyed travelling abroad to work and live with the locals for months at a time. I still Dj a bit, I used to run a couple of club nights in MCR - but I've done it!... next thing... Currently I am working as an installation electrician on commercial/industrial developments. Im looking for Someone to go to interesting places and stare at beautiful views in a gloriously bright 5-minute break in the clouds after getting typically piss-wet-through and eating rubbish fish-n-chips. I adore cooking and especially baking. I can go out for two days with the best of them but I prefer watching films and being cosy, preferably with a fire. Not looking for a wife. For now I'm just looking for someone to share stuff with and talk and laugh with. There is too much to tell so you'll have to message...
photography, walking, camping, drawing, gigs, clubs, festivals abroad, the hills and fields, beaches and bays, mountain tops, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Stockport (Greater Manchester), England, 英國