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michalb35, 男性 56
I wake up with a smile & look forward to what the day will bring. Appearance catches the eye and personality captures the heart. I am a thinker, who loves interesting conversations about all topics. Passionate about many things and never do things by half. Great cook and entertainer and there is nothing like being around good friends. I am comfortable in any situation and enjoy private time ie not needy or clingy. I am very fortunate that I awake most days with a smile on my face, positive & look forward to the day ahead. I have travelled to many parts of the world & there is still lots to see. I have a wicked SOH and am always laughing. Age is a number and I am very young at heart with a high level of fitness.
Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Matawan, New Jersey, 美國