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allyme01, 男性 37
Hello, i was once asked to describe myself before and i couldnt think of what to say. then i asked my mates and they said 'you are so laid back you're horizontel'. I dont know if that meant i like my bed too much though theres more to read below this keep going a little more there you go I have been on here a while now and to be honest i did meet someone but it wasnt to be. If you want to know anything about me or even just fancy a chat because you are bored senseless then give me a go Ok, i was asked to add more info to my profile but i havent a clue what else to put in so ill just add what everyone else seems to put. I like fishing, loads, going to the pub when i get the chance and watching movies or ps3 when i cant, reading winding up my 2year old nephews then letting my brothers and sisters try to get them to bed lol The most recent thing i am doing just now is buying a motorbike If there is anything else then as before just ask Cheers
Cars and Motoring, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Breich Valley (West Lothian), Scotland, 英國