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justinetyme2again, 女性 38
IF YOU DONT HAVE A PHOTO I WONT ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST. IF YOU HAVE PICS IN PRIVATE GIVE ME ASSESS WHEN U ADD CONTACT IF YOU DONT I DONT ACCEPT !!! OH AN IM ALLERGIC TO SMOKERS...!!! i read peoples profiles,what you say is all i have to base on if we might get along,it dosn't have to be your life story but interesting would be a start. there needs to be a visual connection first to want to connect- im sure most people here are beautiful and fantastic to get along with,as am i ;) tho after that, if the initial spark isnt there it wont go further then friends, and im searching for more then a friend-- im very energetic- boisterous- open minded an very open spoken- say as i think, know what i like and want problem there ahha--a shy flower i am not. very involved an taken up with my work but still try find time for unplanned fun---usually the best kind-- gettin out for a ride on my bike with mates is always up there in fun-weather permitting - i dream of a beach on a hot day or dvd on a rainy ones, love my pets,so finding someone who understands what it is to have or have had a pet in ur life would be super cool- its ok if u dont as long as ur ready for the experience,you wont know how u lived with out it, i imagine its what life is like with kids- which i dream of one day. i want to do things i havnt done before or dont do enuf, ive traveled quiet a bit, china,macau/ hong kong,africa,america,germany,berlin,munich,hamburg ,koln,rome,florence,paris,holland,greece, n.z.cyprus,u.k,bali,thailand, ...and no this wasnt a contiki tour haha, yet still many things i want to see, australia included. lovin cookin - oh i looove desserts-can u tell ? haha, love building things/ more tinkering magiver style ,there just isnt enuf hours in the day to do everything-- anything that dosnt involve running---hate running... i do hope we take a lil more me time to get out for a coffee hello :)
animals, anything i havnt done or seen, art, body builders, beach, comedy- entertianment, muscular men, motorbikes, gym, massage- recieving, men, relaxing, movies - tv, unusual things, working, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Travel
Sydney, New South Wales, 澳大利亚