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JIMMYC001, 男性 51
I am a Christian. While living in Europe, the Village called me the Viking because of my long blonde hair. I love sports, especially Soccer (Futbol, to the rest of the World). I love music and movies and yes, I do DL tons of it. I have traveled a lot, and would like to continue to do so. I specialize in Southern Hospitality, as my home is here at the World's Most Famous Beach. A bit of a co-incidence, I used to own the oceanfront Oasis Motel, since selling my motels I have created an 8 acre Tropical Paradise that I call my Ponderosa. Other than you tellin' me about yourself, I think there are some things here I can elaborate on,....... and sooooooooooo much more! ;-)
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Daytona Beach, Florida, 美国