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Genesisdir, 男性 56
Optimistic, understanding, and patient. My goals are distinct. Want a faithful woman with the same virtues. My only requirement is that I truly seek a lady ready to freely communicate and meet personally. I am not interested in just our "smart phones" having their needs met with emails, sms and game playing. "It is like looking for a ruby in a mountain of rock" (apologies to Meat Loaf.) I work in the software development industry where the art of personal conversation, active listening and the exchange of thoughts and ideas is all but practically extinct. I am so over Skype and text messages. Yes, I work with Sheldon Cooper. I am the guy who makes sure the "click here" button actually works..... I love where I live and I have a fantastic career. I rent (sorry) and live on acreage with koalas, ducks,chickens, horses (agisted/not mine) and a lonely Peacock called Andrew. The glass is not half full, it is overflowing. I am not expecting the perfect woman, just a perfectly natural woman. I am looking for a potential life long partner that has genuine space in their life for a relationship and is available emotionally? Seeking a lady that lives within the moment of "NOW." All true great relationships are built from great friendships, loyalty, trust and exploration. I occasionally go fishing on my son's boat with my perpetually baitless hook I find it relaxes him and he truly communicates (so I finally kind of get the fishing/guy thing.) Been searching for a Latin dance partner to learn with for too long now. I ride my pushy along the Tweed Coast most weekends dodging those little white handbag dogs on the Cabarita trail.. My interest are many, I am an advocate for social justice and deplore violence in every form especially towards women, children and animals. I am not religious, however, I respect religion and people's beliefs. In my formative years I was fortunate to be educated in several different countries (even attended an Islamic school for one year in 1976) so I enjoy and respect multiculturalism, language and diversity. I am not fond of internet dating, I would really prefer and organic relationship built over time, but, this is the way it is (apparently.) I once competed in athletics at an international level in the early 1980's when white men thought they ran run the fastest. Not into TV although I am fascinated with documentaries, intelligent drama, comedy and even "chick flicks." I recently bought a Caravan and after four weeks of tedious renovation I am ready to give it a "whirl." If your genuine about being emotionally available, your suitcase is unpacked and your fists unclenched, then please say hi?
5 Star hotels Ok 4 star too., Live Concerts (The Pub @ Brunswick heads.), Fine Dining & BBQ's, Technology (no gaming), Great Coffee and not so great, Viticulture & Wineries, Shopping (yes true.), Mountain Treks (no not Everest.), Sailing & Bike riding (not at the same time.), Alternative therapies, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Currumbin Waters, Queensland, 澳大利亚