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Eversoready, 男性 55
About me what to write? To list all the virtues that might entice someone into contacting me seems a tad difficult! The truth is I am an ordinary man in this huge world we inhabit> I do nothing perfectly, but I can do a lot well. I am not handsome nor ugly at the same time! I love my family and friends. I am in reality quite unremarkable!! My true personality shines out when we get to my pet loves of good red wine and cooking. I love to eat fine fare and kick back with a smooth red. Cooking has been my greatest passion in the last few years; the wealth of knowledge one can absorb is endless. This fits my personality to a tee, I crave the input of information to keep my mind stimulated. Being alone has generated the problem of not having someone to keep me on my toes. This I would love to remedy!!!!! I am truly a soft touch; kids flock to me without fear. I am sure they sense in me a kindred spirit similar to their own. On another site I was criticized by one particular person about my ability to sell myself with my profile. So for this person I am going to let it all hang out. I love life, I treasure my friends, I am a beautiful person! I am in touch with my feminine side. I can read people; I notice things whether they be good or bad. If a compliment is the order of the day when you greet a friend; then it is done without hesitation. I greet people in all walks of my life with the most beaming and warming smile I can deliver!! I know it works; it provokes the same response instantly. So if it ain't broke don't try and fix it. The best part it is free! I am sure I have left out details people would like to know about! However I have given you the ones that are most important to me!! P.S. Never married no kids no baggage and gainfully employed!
Golf, Guitar, Fishing, Beer and a bet, Work, Holidays, Family
Seymour, Victoria, 澳大利亚