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boundedseven, 男性 39
I'm a fun loving, adventurous and down to earth guy or so I'm told. I moved to Adelaide two years ago to advance my career and I'm looking to meet new people and explore the surroundings. So far I'm loving Adelaide and thinking of calling it home as it's turning into a vibrant city with lots going on throughout the year. It feels just like a big city, but on a smaller scale and not as hectic. In summer I love being outdoors when it's not too hot. I like long drives, swimming and relaxing at the beach. Also enjoy live music, festivals or special events in the city. Sometimes I indulge in a bit of golf, bowling, table tennis or 8 ball and always looking for new people to play with. I've been learning salsa for the past couple of months and recently started Muay Thai kickboxing. It sounds like an unexpected combo but both activities are great for keeping fit.
Golf, Internet marketing, Movies, Music, Travel, Table tennis, Live music, Road trips, Beach, Salsa
Norwood, South Australia, 澳大利亚