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Alesaurus, 男性 35
I don't have all the money in the world neither properties across the globe.I'm not poor but far from wealthy. I work daily, including my days off and live comfortably with what I got.Ready for a lasting treasure, yes a true romance? please read the following and submit a message if you are serious about satisfying your thirst for true happiness and emotional well being. I'm Not interested with married, divorced,separated, mothers, unhealthy, tattooed, women. If your'e a drunk no thanks. I will not give money away for any reason, neither buy strangers anything. You know who you are, losers! I have a great sense of humor,optimistic true personality, yes I'm a stallion. Equally, I am very outgoing, mature, well grounded. Have you been played before? I enjoy the company of a woman that saves money for a rainy day or some future occasion. I dislike females that are thrifty without any control to impulsive buying. I'm not looking to play games, feelings, or hearts. Love is a beautiful gift that cannot be turned on or off but shared unconditionally. Are you capable of keeping up with me? I am very healthy, in excellent physical stamina, and my heart is not corrupted. I am one that can be counted on and trustworthy. No busco un encuentro de pasada mucho menos jugar juegos, sentimientos o corazones pero algo formal. Tomaré nuestra amistad enserio desde el inicio. Soy persona en buena salud, en condiciones físicas excelentes. Mi corazón no está corrupto. Puedes confiar en mí y soy fiel. I am athletic, exercise daily; eat healthy, although sometimes fast food is great. I do have a career related profession, but for that info you'll just have to get to know me. I go often to the movies, bowling, cycling, sporting events, the beach. I go to mass often, due to I’m traditional and love God. Soy atlético, hago ejercicio todos los días, como comida saludable pero sí disfruto de comida como tacos o hamburguesas. Sí trabajo en una profesión estable pero tendrás que conocerme más para platicarte sobre eso. Voy a misa cada fin de semana, soy persona tradicional. Soy persona fácil de entender.No guardo secretos en mi corazón. "El derecho al respecto ajeno es la paz" (Benito Juárez) y vivir tranquilo sin preocupaciones me encanta.
bowling, amusement parks, swimming, traveling, concert's, God, hiking, cycling, baking pastries, gardening, writing, reading, soccer, parasailing, scuba diving, Cocina, Deportes, Juegos, Lectura, Música, Películas, Salir, Salud y Bienestar, Viajar
Downey, California , 美国