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Hi.My name is John.I live here in Costa Mesa,California & looking for a female to make me happy so that I won"t be sad & lonely anymore which I go thru every day.I live alone.I have never been married & have no kids even though I would love to have my first ever child if I find the right person.I will be responsible, kind, honest, loves her completely, funny, sweet, sensitive, creative, romantic, stable profession, salt of the earth.I would like to find true love on Oasis. I will always respect her & her wishes at all given times.I have no living family.I do not smoke or drink or gamble.I will treat my future girlfriend & hopefully future wife as my princess.Take her to romantic outings like walks along the ocean shore after dinner holding hands.I love to sing so I could serenade my future girlfriend & wife because I want to see her happy at all times.She will be my best ever friend.Also To let you know that in no way that I am a playboy type of guy.I am a one woman man.Guys that are after a lady for one thing only are losers.Would love to take my future girlfriend & hopefully wife to Hawaii.I don"t want to go to Hawaii alone.I have taken before one time a date on a Christmas boat cruise.I would enjoy taking u there as long as you don"t get sea sick.I love all kinds of food.I am not picky.For example if I date a lady I will let her choose where she would like to eat because I want to see her happy.I can afford it.I am financially stable.I don"t want a lady interested in me for money only.I want to finally settle down but with who.I hope to find my true love on this website.Good luck to everybody & also searching for love & happiness on this website.I hope it happens for me as well & maybe have my first ever future child with my future girlfriend & hopefully wife who is not afraid of public affection like holding hands or kissing in public.I hope to find my true love & happiness thru Oasis with a loving,caring,honest,truthful & respectful woman who does not flirt who will be a one man woman.I do get emotional as well especially what makes me feel bad is if a lady rejects my Oasis friend request without even giving me a chance to chat with them 1st when I am interested.I am also a big fan of Aldub
Surfing the internet, going to movies, eating out, animal care, Bowling, family time if I had a family, listening to music, shopping, traveling, Watching wrestling on TV, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Costa Mesa, California , Estados Unidos