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ShadedFox, Homem 31
Sobre Mim
Hello :) ... So I'm not perfect, I'll be honest from the off, honesty is something you'll always get from me after all :) I'm not the ideal guy, I wouldn't be on here if I was, but, yeah there's a but thankfully lol, I can say that my heart is in the right place, albeit slightly scuffed and scratched over the years :) I like to think that I know how to treat a girl with respect, that probably is something that shouldn't have to be said, respect is a mutual thing right? Sadly these days I notice more and more that it's not always true... But there are good people out there, they just seem harder to find these days, maybe that's why I joined on here? Maybe that's why you are too? Let's find out ^_^
Anime, Marvel, Gaming, kisses, cinema, Formula 1, Gaming (yeah i put it twice!), manga, star wars
Thornton Heath (Croydon), England, Reino Unido