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Phil9999, Homem 52
Sobre Mim
Bubbly, short & slim/petite? Willing to engage your mind? Read on. I upgraded this text some time ago, trying to inject some fun and humour into things but unless 'you get' tongue in cheek humour I guess it just irritates; so after reducing my 'hit rate' :) here's the original 'boring' text: I'm an active and thoughtful man: mountaineer (rock & ice climber), singer, trombone player, thinking liberal Christian, interested in politics (broad left of centre) and interested in ideas in general -...
Rock & ice climbing, Alpine mountaineering, Singing, Trombone player, Cycling, Discussing politics, Discussing religion, Discussing anything and everything under the sun, Skiing, Horse riding, Cars and Motoring, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports
Meriden (Solihull), England, Reino Unido