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Phil9999, Homem 53
Sobre Mim
Looking for my sun, my star, my all, my everything. If long, tongue in cheek profiles appal rather than appeal you might want to stop now :) For my part I like reading what people says about themselves, and although I know it bores most people, I want it all, with no 'second best'. That means a woman I can enjoy relating to in every way. Someone to share ideas with as well day to day banter; but also someone who is bubbly, fun & sexy and who wants to do things together. A relationship where we're the centre of each other's world whether in the short term or for a lifetime. It would be great to find all that in someone who is short & slim or petite; a non smoker; no children (at least not yet :D); someone who would enjoy shopping together for clothes & shoes, dressing up to go to see a film or the ballet; someone who enjoyed getting outdoors & walking or biking (or even climbing); and finally, someone who would revel in the edgy side of life. Whether it be as wife, partner or lover, I want you to be my all. On the other hand there's me. Racy, edgy, daring & bold. Effervescent, energetic, exciting & intense. Caring, decent, sympathetic & nice. Someone who wants to be totally involved with the woman he loves - devouring her with his eyes, sharing every bit of his life and loving her from the bottom of his heart. A man who has a smile as wide as the oceans and has a glint in his eye. One who likes to laugh, delights in banter and is fun to be with. A man that wants to have eyes for just one woman and a man to cuddle you at the end of a hard day. A man to admire you, to want you and a man to fulfil your every need - in bed and in life; but also a man who has a serious side: so someone who will listen to your frustrations and will be there for you when your favourite aunt goes into hospital - or even when your pet hamster dies. 'Over the top'? Weeeeell maybe just a tinsy winsy bit :). Mind you only time would tell you if I'm kidding myself; so have a look at the kind of things that make me 'me' - and see if any of it 'strikes enough of a chord' to make you want to find out. If you've got this far you might want to read the serious version. Active and thoughtful man: mountaineer (rock & ice climber), singer, trombone player, thinking liberal Christian, interested in politics (broad left of centre) and interested in ideas in general. I am also erotic and tactile: someone who finds the biggest 'turn on' of all comes from seeing you have fun through me. I am 52 years old; fit (cycling & climbing); 5ft10" tall; slim (38"/32"); with golden/sandy blond hair. I miss shopping with one special woman in my life; cuddling & walking hand-in-hand, but most of all I miss the sheer fun of sharing life with someone.
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Meriden (Solihull), England, Reino Unido