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FunkiiK, Homem 28
Sobre Mim
My parents abandoned me as a baby because my mother gave birth to twins and in our culture the second born of twins must be exposed in the wilderness. I was born in Siberia which is where they left me, miles from any kind of pay-phone or 7/11. Luckily i was adopted by a local pack of wolves who raised me as their own. When i was old enough, they told me what my parents had done to me and i realized that i should try to make my own life, and find my twin brother if i could. In the meantime, i took up various hobbies in order to experience life to the fullest eg. crack-cocaine, world of warcraft, learning to read and write as an adult, other things i would hate to bore you with. Fast-forward to now, i was studying medicine at the university of Ayers Rock but i couldn't keep up so i dropped out and now I'm doing an internship to be a cocaine/heroin dealer. Job prospects are good, and there's lots of opportunities to go overseas but no superannuation unfortunately. =)
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Hurstville, New South Wales, Austrália