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eddieg500, Homem 39
Sobre Mim
IM IRISH IF THAT DOESNT SUIT YOU KEEP MOVING Im not here for random bum sex! Male or female!!! I am who i am UPDATED REsults in. Experiment is complete. Im not sure about this gonna give it 1 more try. Add me, chat if you don't like me delete me. Simple as! UPDATE I performed a very interesting experiment on here. I messaged about 20 ladies saying Im not sure if we are going to get married but would love to have a fling with them and see where it goes. The response was amazing. Everyone said thanks, but no thanks!! So ladies you want long term relationships????? So do we. But we don't know if its going to happen. Back to basics, when you met guys as teenagers or adolescents were you looking for long term relationships??? Did it happen????? Probably not if you on here!!!! WE all want a long term relationships but why are you putting that pressure on us straight away??? Cant we date, coffee, cinema even hook up before we decide YOU are the one or WE are the one???????????????????????? Why pigeon hole us straight away if we not sure if its gonna work out. This isn't instant coffee Let it brew!
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New Farm, Queensland, Austrália