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crazyforbikes, Homem 31
Sobre Mim
What do you put here that wont send people to sleep!! I'm James, and I'm a motorcycle technician and also an apprentice light vehicle mechanic studying my final year of qualification. I recently started running a mobile motorcycle repair/maintenance business,we are called 'focus motorcycles'. Being still a kid at heart,my main hobbie is riding and working on my motorcycles,the level of satisfaction and motivation I gain from this activity is just off the scale,I guess they're either in your blood or aren't.,One of my short term plans is to ride around the EU with my gang. Fav motorcycles: Honda NR 750,Honda CG125(they produced more machines than the population of canada),SUZUKI X7(no bank job or a criminal activity was complete without one during the getaway process back in my neck of the woods),Triumph Bonneville(its british) Fav cars: Toyota FJ40 land cruiser(the same vehicle was made for 30yrs and was capable of towing an 18wheeler arctic),BMW 2002 turbo(daddy to BMW M cars in the same way Led Zeppelin was the daddy of metal) ,E type Jag(the most aerodynamic car of its time) Fav weapon: AK47 Kalashnikov(its not a weapon,its on a flag of a country,so its an icon!) Fav color: millennium red (sexy and agressive) Fav watches: Swatch,G-shock(u wear one coz ur not a pretender) Fav Dishes: fillet steak,cottage pie,Persian dishes Fav Books: Donnie Brasco, One flew over the cuckoos nest,The Infidel,God is not great, God delusion Fav Actors: Al Pacino, De Niro and Jack Nicholson Fav actress: Sharon Stone, Kristin Scott Thomas Fav Politician: Fidel Castro(outlasted 8 US presidents and survived 638 assassination attempts,man had balls) If you like what you see then get in touch.
Motorcycles, Bad Music, Gadgets, Mobster films, Collecting vintage razors, Badminton, Conspiracy theories, completing my bucket list before I'm 30, Camping, Geocaching
Crumpsall (Manchester), England, Reino Unido