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asterisk88, Homem 59
Sobre Mim
I find that I need to preface my profile with ' please no regular smokers', we won't click ! Also have to 'fess up that the photo is ( now ) 24 months old, and I've eaten on 3 kg over Christmas - must 'convince' friends to take more photos :-/ ! "Clever, witty, memorable tagline here....." How do you encapsulate a liking of.... Sharp banter, silliness a la Goon show, Marx Brothers, Hitch hikers and Big Bang Theory, the feeling of connectedness with the earth and nature as one finds in a damp forest after the rain, intellectual foreplay, self-development, spiritual stillness and meditation, allowing oneself to be a bloke with your mates.... Into a "Clever, witty, memorable tagline" on a profile that sparks the interest of a like minded person ? <insert quizzical look here>....I would much prefer to chat over coffee and see what happens but this does seem like a place to start. Currently: Reading "A New Earth" E.Tolle Watching "Q.I", "Grimm" and "Catalyst"; wishing for a new series of "Rake" and "Lost Girl" Listening to Andy Cowen, an excellent Aussie blues pianist Wondering why I ever started renovations ... ! I never thought I'd get excited about having a functional kitchen <g>, anyone here good at choosing splashback colours ? PS - It unsettles me when "your" is used in place of "you're", I am not a grammar / spelling magician myself but please, the basics , please :-)
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Croydon, Victoria, Austrália