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PLEASE READ MY PROFILE IN FULL BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!!......THANK YOU...... It would be really nice if a woman looked at a mans profile and she liked him and what she read, instead of pondering about it, she just has the courage to send him a message first, and he reads it and he replies, it could be the start of something beautiful, you never know! we live in an equal world so come on ladies if you like that man you're looking at, break the mould and be the first and send him a message, you never know! Hello Everyone::::: It would seem that 99% of people on here are unrealistic and want the impossible and you all seem to lead a very busy life, going to theatres, out with friends, clubbing, drinking, gym every day, dining out, holidays 2 or 3 times a year, exct, exct, if you all lead such a busy life what are you all doing on a dating site? I would have thought as you all live such busy life out and about, you would have more chance of meeting the ONE whilst you’re out instead of a internet dating site!! I am not ambitious as I feel I have everything I want in life except the one. About me!! Yes the photos are of me and are dated and recent. I’m not very photogenic and think I look better in the flesh….What I may lack in looks for some of you, I more than make up from what’s within my heart, for all of you out there that go for looks how would you ever know about some ones personality unless you actually meet up and get to know someone? There’s a lot of shallow people out there! I can't be everyone's cup of tea but there is always someone for someone out there, I am like marmite, you will either like me or not like me! for those of you that don't like me! It's not a problem as I wont be losing any sleep over it. haha.. My family and friends are very important to me . I am honest, as liars need to remember every lie they have told which is virtually impossible, whereas you never need to remember the truth. I wear my heart on my sleeve but I’m nobody’s fool, I am loyal, very loving and romantic, I don’t like to do text messaging as I think communication is very important and it’s easier to talk over the phone to express what you want to say rather than text and I would like the same in you. I am single and live on my own and have no issues or baggage (like most on here seem to have!) I have a fantastic life in where I can do what I want when I want without anyone questioning me, I have a lot of free time on my hand which allows me to go out a lot especially at weekends but I would love to change all of that to be with that very special person. I don’t need anyone to look after me either financially or physically as I can do that myself, but would love to have that special person to go on life’s journey with me through the good times as well as any bad times that may occur. I like to visit different cities and countries as I believe we all live in a beautiful world but find that most don’t appreciate the world we live in, I like lots and lots of other things and I will tell you when we meet, I like virtually all music that out there. I don’t do serial dating, play mind games, play with people emotions, I don’t like conflicts or arguments with the person I’m with as I believe you should treat people in the same way you want to be treated so would like the same from you as I believe in “KARMA” as what goes around comes around. All I want in life is to love and be loved and be happy, I don’t think I’m asking for too much. I am looking for you out there, I don’t mind what ethnic background or religion you are as long as you are loving and genuine with a good heart, I never do or say anything for the sake of it or because others expect it, I do and say things because I genuinely care and want to and would like the same from you . If it's special between two people, it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, it’s the sharing together of those special time and moments you have together. Sorry if it’s a long read for you but I wanted you to have a flavour of what I’m about, so if you like what you have read and the looks of me, then please message me, (I will answer all messages received) and who knows what may be around that corner. Hope to chat and possibly meet you very soon and if not I wish all of you good luck in your search and hope you find what you’re all looking for x
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