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Totally forever!
I knew the moment I started talking to this guy on Oasis that we would be great together. We started out just messaging every few hours to talking on the phone, within 2 weeks we decided to meet in person.

The moment I saw him I knew I wouldn't look at anyone else ever again. We have so much in common such as taste in music movies and favourite colour (purple) our star signs reading says we are perfectly match as well.

He has shown so much understanding about my very messy past and is possible the kindest person I have ever met and to top it all of he adores my three children and they adore him!
True love and a baby on the way!
I met my partner about 2 and a half years ago on Oasis, since then we have been engaged for over a year, getting married next month and have just found out that we have having a baby! All thanks to Oasis!
Love at first sight
Had been single for a while felt a bit down when I joined Oasis, around the end of July I started talking to a man with a great photo, I remember his lovely black hair stood out to me!

We started to chat and on the 1st August 2012 we decided to meet. After a few dates we become a couple and we are still together now.

Thanks Oasis
I Found My Prince Charming!
I had been online too many times to count and had often given up, thinking there's no one out there for me. After 3 years of trying numerous sites as well as oasis, I decided to stick it out in a last attempt. A lot of my friends were quickly becoming either engaged, married, had kids or were in relationships.

I wasn't quite sure how to meet single people and decided if I'm online looking to meet a man who wants a serious relationship, surely there's on one there who wants the same right? So in 2012 in the New Year, I decided to update my profile and pretty much start fresh and give it as much effort as I wanted to receive from it in return.

I went on a few dates but nothing ever came of them and by the end of 2012 I was beginning to think that maybe I'd reached the end of my search. That year I also moved away for work which a huge adjustment was being away from all my friends and family. I still kept my oasis search going and thought if nothing else, it kept me company chatting to people when I was so homesick.

Then one night, I randomly decided to search for other matches in different states. I thought if I couldn't find anyone near me; why not see if things change looking abroad. I remember scrolling through the profiles and stopped when I found one. I read it and thought ‘He sounds like my type of guy’ I hesitated for a while and thought I should take the risk, nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say.

So I sent the request, to which he accepted. We talked and immediately got on well, keeping conversation going was not an issue at all, which was great. But with him in New South Wales and Myself in Queensland, I never thought in my wildest dreams that'd anything would eventuate let alone the fact he'd be interested in me.

We had phone conversations, oasis chats, and texts. I felt so at ease and comfortable with this man who I had never met, he seemed to really get me in a way no one had before. After 5 months of talking constantly, he told me he was making the 2,200km drive up from New South Wales to Queensland and asked if I wanted to meet him.

I remember the morning of our first date feeling so sick with nerves, and yet at the same time excited to meet him as we'd already felt like we knew each other a fair bit after talking for so long. Still I was worried there'd be a chance we wouldn't click well in person like we did over the phone (which seemed to happen to me a lot on previous dates).

I'll never forget the first time he looked at me and smiled, I immediately felt all my nerves disappear and began to feel at ease. Since then, we've started dating and although it's hard being a long distance relationship, we're both willing to make it work and it makes the time we are together even more special. I wouldn't change my choice for anything in world. He's everything I've ever wanted and more, I didn't think I'd ever find my prince but I'm so thankful I took the risk and clicked on his profile. He's changed my life for the better and I can't wait to see where things go, he makes me happier than I've ever been! I finally got my happy ending.
Oasis changed my life!
I'm back to publish my success story of how me and my husband met on Oasis!
I was a full-time teacher in the Philippines and because of this I never had time to go out and find my special someone, so my friend suggested online dating. She sent me to the Oasis site and kept nagging me to join. Eventually after many months of her persistence, I joined.

Not using the site that religiously, I decided to log in late one night check what's going on, when a new face popped up wanting to chat. After a few hours of chatting we exchanged skype details to see each other, we were getting on really well and after 3 days he asked me to be his girlfriend.
After months of chatting on and off line we go engaged! He came over on the 29th of July and in August 2012 we were married! By September, we got the good news that I was 7 weeks pregnant with our first child.

In April 2013 my husband was by my side when I gave birth to our first angel, a healthy little girl.
We are now in the process of moving to Australia as a family to start our amazing lives together!

Good luck to all those out there!
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