Success Stories
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Best buddies for life!
Well after many, many, many unsuccessful actual dates, we decided to go on a friend date about a year ago! We’d both put on that we were looking for female friends in the area as well as romance.

We added each other on good old facebook and got chatting and to cut a long story short we're now best mates and basically inseparable and have been for a year! My lovely friend is also my birthing partner as the babies dad (not through oasis!) is not about anymore!
I met my lovely fiancée on this site. I just clicked on interest when I saw his photo straight away I knew he was the one. We chatted for just two weeks and decided to meet up.

When we met on our first date everything went smoothly and met up a couple of times until we felt we couldn't live apart so we moved in together.

As of now we are engaged and we couldn't be happier our wedding is next year and already expecting our first child.

Thanks oasis a million times
Love at first sight
We really didn’t believe it could happen, but on our first meeting, we both fell in love, we would never have met, if it wasn’t for Oasis, both of us would like to thank you, for making this possible.
Young love
Me and a few mates signed up as a joke, but as I started to become more of an active member, I became hooked on talking to new people.

I didn't think anything of it until one person asked for my number. I wasn't sure what to do, so I said to myself why not?

Giving him my number was the best thing I've ever done. We are now in a relationship, and I haven't been this happy in ages. Thanks oasis!
Happily ever after!
I had been on Oasis since April and had met two men off here, but didn’t feel any spark. I didn’t ever think I would find my soul mate until I started speaking to a man who added me, we got on really well so he gave me his number and then we texted and chatted every day.

I knew then he was my soul mate, we then met he came to stay and I knew this was what love is.

We have moved in together and been together for 2 months, we are really really happy and soooo in love. Thanks to Oasis I have finally met my love of my life and soul mate thank you very much!
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