Success Stories
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Found love again!
I join Oasis in January this year hoping to find love. It wasn't until March when I was online and I was sent me a flirt. I answer back and we started chatting on line for a while. Then she asked me if we would like to meet over a cup of coffee and I said yes.

We met up and after our coffee went for a walk. I then ask her if she would like to go out with me and she said yes I would love to. That weekend we went out for the day and we really got on well. We started seeing each other a lot after that and we became an item.

Beginning of May I ask her to marry me and she said yes. We have set a date and we are getting married next year in February.
Life can't get better!
I met an amazing girl on Oasis after searching for so long. I’m finally happy and we planning on settling down. Our love is strong; she’s perfect in every way!

My success story is true and if you find love hold on and take the ride of happiness you won’t be disappointed.
Perfect For Me!
After getting out of a bad relationship, I was feeling lonely and wanted my faith restored in men, so I decided to join Oasis to make friends, chat and see perhaps if I'd find anything more.

After a lot of looking, one guy caught my attention. A sweet looking man, I sent a request, praying that he would accept and his profile sounded like just the person I had been looking to find. He accepted soon after and from our first conversation, I knew that this guy was something special.

Whereas most conversations would be short and general, speaking with Jack was like entering a magical descriptive world, where we would discuss things until the early hours of the morning. Three months on, this still happens every day! We begin our conversations around 10 am and talk continuously throughout the day usually until at least 1am! I’ve never met someone who I can talk to so much and not get bored.

We finally met last Sunday and spent two wonderful days together. Our relationship is long distance, as he lives four hours away, but distance is proving no barrier for our love and he had travelled all the way down to London, just to see me.

We both agree those two days were the best of our lives and we have never felt more comfortable and happy, as we do with one another. We went everywhere hand in hand treasuring every perfect second spent in each other’s company. And looking into his adorable eyes and cuddling into him, melted all my previous pain away.

I have honestly never met anyone like him, I didn’t even believe someone that loving, kind, caring, thoughtful, honest, selfless, sweet, adorable, gorgeous, intelligent and perfect could exist! Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, we both had tears in our eyes and didn’t want our romantic time to end, but are planning to meet up soon again, as we feel empty without each other.

I really cannot thank Oasis enough. I was sceptical about online dating before this and never dreamt I could actually meet the one person I know I am destined to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you so much for bringing us together!
Just Married!
In October 2010 I joined up to Oasis and within minutes a saw the most gorgeous man ever. Without hesitation I sent him a flirt “can't keep my eyes off you” and at that exact moment he sent a request.

We started talking a calling each other for hours on end. 6 months ago I moved in with him and we got engaged. November 3rd 2012 has to be the happiest day of my life, I married my dream man!
I meet my ex, the mother of my children back on Oasis. After the both of us being single for over 2 and a half years we are engaged to be married.

She is my soul mate, the most perfect person I know and can honestly say no one could or can ever compare to her. She is beautiful inside and out an absolute dream of a human.

Thanks for bringing us back together Oasis.
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