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On a great voyage!!
Dear lovely people!! Oasis changed my life so far for 3 years. I found the man I needed for the rest of my life..

I was off work sick and very down in fact I was crashing I didn't want to continue being lonely!! However I was laying thinking of someone else's sadness and I wanted to share this with someone so I decided to go on my Laptop to look again and check out the last lot of men I selected.

One stood out and I had a good feeling so I went for it and guess what he was feeling the same on this particular day. You know what they say things do happen for a reason, so we connected and he wanted to meet me the next night and I accepted.

When I met him he gave me a red rose I felt like a princess, after meeting with him we continued to meet then we hooked up and it was the beginning of a journey and now we are living in the country away from the hustle and bustle of city life re-generating ourselves and looking to a bright and better future.

We are in our 50’s and semi-retired and doing what we both want to make ourselves happy. Mind you there were ups and downs but we always remember how we met and the reasons why we met, thank you Oasis for helping us find each other and also making it possible for the ones who are financially stuck!!!
Didn't think true love was out there!
Well I had been on Oasis for 12 months, had a few dates but nothing I really was looking for I'm a bi guy, so it makes it harder but one night I was about log off and this request came up saying “You’re my dream match” from a cute looking guy, so I had accepted it and we started talking.

He was too good to be true, we spoke for a week on here then we swapped Facebook contacts and phone numbers as well, now we have been talking for over a month as partners. He is everything and more really perfect and we couldn't be happier!

Oasis does really work so don't give up cause everyone has a true love out there, you just have to sort out the duds from the great ones thanks Oasis!
Soul Mates
I met my guy on here three months ago we have been dating for just over a month, we took lots of time to get to know each other before we met.

Joining Oasis was best thing we both done as we are really happy with each other and getting along great, so not all stories are sad endings on dating sites mine is a very happy ending!
Long Distance Relationship
We met on here 9 months ago, then after 3 months of talking online we decided to meet in real. He came here to my country to meet me, yeah we're crazy!

Now we've been apart again for nearly 7 months, but soon we will see each other again, and I will be going over to his country this time to meet his family.

We're now engaged and soon to get married.
Thank you Oasis! I found my TRUE LOVE.
Happy together!
I Joined Oasis in January 2012, and after about 3 weeks of talking to different people, I received a request from someone I had been wanting to talk to since looking at her profile for a few days, but had not been brave enough to start the ball rolling.

After a couple of days of long conversations and exchanging numbers, we agreed to meet up. Our first date was coffee, and the cinema. Several memorable dates later and we became a couple officially and 10 months later things are still as magical as they always were.

I have never met anyone so loving and genuine before, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I know she feels the same way. At the moment we spend approximately 4-5 nights a week together, and plan to move in together at New Year 2013. Thanks to Oasis for completing us..
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