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Wazzzzzup, 男性 51
I used to cry because I had no shoes till I met a woman who had no feet. It's nice to be important..but more important to be nice. I run my own Bowen Massage Therapy Business (A great Hollistic Healing form of Massage). If i read another woman's profile that says "I love walks on the beach" i'll go mental :) I'd bet anything that 99% of these women haven't been to the beach since they were kids. Also i don't wanna hear about someone's travel history or what sports their kids play. And thos...
World Affairs/Truth Seeker/David Icke, Documentaries, Movies / Making DVD's, Health/Fitness (Gym member), Football (Magpies), Disc Jockey, Snooker/Pool, Sport (Golf), People who are AWAKE, Computers, Joke Telling, Music/60s, Horse Racing, Running on Beach (bugger walking), Beach, Train Surfing (but only when the tide is in), Bike Riding, Massage Therapy, Blowfly Breeding..some women think i'm serious lol, Travel
Deer Park, Victoria, オーストラリア