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TheMusic89, 男性 26
Hey all you Beautiful people. My name is Glen or Gling if your somebody who is adamant about giving people nicknames I'm a 25 year old Musician from Brizvegas. I've been playing music since I was 8 years old, so needless to say it is my full-time passion/career. I own a business in sound and stage production. I'm extremely Confident and Comfortable with my identity, I have been through a lot in my time on earth which I think has contributed to being a very stable person. Family and Friends are very important to me, Think twice about sending me a request if. *You can't hold a conversation and your response to a thought provoking question is yep. *You smoke, I truly dislike this habit and could not imagine kissing a smoker.....bleh!!! *You have kids, needless to say I'm too young for that kind of commitment. *Your idea of a good time is not remembering the night before. Rush to the Message me section if. *Your seeking a genuine friendship or genuinely want a relationship. *You have a good sense of humor. *You don't require big extravagant dates every time you go out * You enjoy getting to know somebody over a picnic lunch in a park or beach. Top 10 info tidbits. *I don't like game players, been there and done that *I play 4 Instruments *I Sing.............ALOT *I'm passionate about health *I have 2 sisters *Love animals *I climbed Ayers rock when I was 5 *I'm a Romantic, I appreciate the little things that come with having a connection with somebody. *Big Disney Fan, They contributed to a great childhood. LION KING all the way. *I'm very spiritually and emotionally connected, SO having said all that if any of this has struck a chord(no pun intended) drop me a line.
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Brisbane, Queensland, オーストラリア