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nutsy83, Female 34
About Me
right whats my hobbies.... well watchin sports such as cricket, rugby and f1s. not the norm for a girl I know but growing up with 2 brothers it had to be done, I enjoy going out with friends, either to the local for the quiz nite, to play poker or have a sing on the kareoke (only when intoxicated lol) or into town for a good knees up and dance I love music anything from take that to queens of the stone age, I'll listen to pretty much anything, muse has got to be my fav band of all time tho and my big love is Leeds festival, I've been going there since 2004 with my brothers and plan on making 10 years on the trot. I'd love to travel the world, especially Egypt, I've always been fascinated by the pyramids. but the furthest I've been so far is benidorm on the pub trip lol I like to be part of the party and rarely miss a night out with friends, usually cause I'm the organiser, I like to know what where when etc... but don't take it that I'm a complete control freel haha I still live at home with my parents and one of my not so little brothers, we have 5 dogs who I love very much and a pond with loads a fish, I could sit and watch them all day long in the summer think that should do for now, anything else you want to know ask lol xx
pets - dogs in particular, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, terry pratchet, f1s, Harry potter
Selby (North Yorkshire), England, United Kingdom