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Hi again, reactivation 101 lol. I own a house in Alexandra that us currently rented out and also I have put on the market. I have been employed since I was 15 up to a few months ago when I made the decision to say enough, but also to help a close family member that was doing it tough. So currently I am calling myself temporary retired lol. The plan is to travel, but that can change if I find the right person, or maybe they would like to join me. Love live music, sports and Theater, enjoy playing golf, was ok a lifetime ago, but play just for company and professional interest these days. In a previous life I was Golf course superintendent and a TAFE teacher. IM a open honest romantic guy. Having a small tree change, and plan to travel. Have a few thngs on that will keep me not far from the suburbs between now and chrissy, Im having new years in southern Queensland with friends and a long held promise to my daughter will see me in Vegas around April and after that an extended trip around oz. No im not rich so dont get the hopes too high lol. But to find someone special to travel with me would be nice. Below is a but of a rant from awhile ago that probably still is the way I feel about the online dating world. So I thouhgt I would keep it, cheers, come and say hi. Ok one question is anybody for real on here. People add you then delete you before talking if you do not write to them in a few hours, Im not 16 I dont live on the net. Im also mere male and may not know if my phone is signed in. Also people have one convo and form opinions that are so wrong its a joke. IM open, Honest and romantic, apparently what people want, but bad news girls brad pitt is spoken for. If you are for real lets talk
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