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dodi66, 女性 50
love my family and my friends dearly love myself. lol. .if i didn't i wouldn't be here. .funny as well you laugh out loud very much guaranteed. .☺😂.. see what happens. I'm a happy soul and proud to be who i am...i hope you are as well.☺☺☺☺ 👭this is me with all of me throughout my years of my life. .yaaaa me. i enjoy dining at restaurants and picnics and family functions. im a girl you could take to all the above. yes and I like to be held. embraced. ☺☺ and yes i like flirty not cute but not rude..but can be amorous just a sweet fun girl with respect and worthiness☺☺
Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music, can't wait to go camping, true friendship, Health and Fitness, Reading
Adelaide, South Australia, オーストラリア