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badherc, Male 47
About Me
MAKE ME LAUGH.... CHALLENGE ME! There is nothing I love more than a night spent laughing or having a debate! Oh, I love sport too (Go the Reds, Broncos, Roar & Lions)! Yes, I know what you are thinking... What species am I? I can reassure you that I am at least 65% human. I have the paperwork from the CSIRO and the RSPCA to prove it. So, some info about me... My mum says I am really cool and better looking than George Clooney AND Brad Pitt. I love playing/watching sport. I could have been a professional rugby player (and even play for the Wallabies) if it wasn't for my lack of talent. Although I play sport and describe myself as athletic , I do have a bit of a gut... D'oh! - though not for long! I am pretty blunt and sometimes too honest. I like to know where I stand and I don't like games. I try not to stress about things beyond my control and I like to put things in my life into perspective. I think that at any time that there are at least a few billion people worse off than me. Who would I invite to dinner - Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Borat, Albert Einstein, Alexander Karelin and Megan Gale. Try and stop me from getting up at karaoke! I love to take the piss... out of myself and my friends.
Coffee, Tennis, Basketball, Movies, Cars and Motoring, Health and Fitness, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia