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yemonty, Homme 37
A propos de moi
Bonjour jolie dame! My name is Yemonty and I am afraid to say, that I have no friends! But honestly please don't let that quite insignificant, tiny detail put you off, getting to know me, on here! As I myself, think that I could be really quite brilliant, for somebody> either as a friend or something a little bit more. I've just been keeping the wrong company before and I have come to realise was really no good for me. So I've decided to make a fresh start and a new beginning. You can't argue with that, sometimes it just for the best and other things are left in the past. You see I really believe I am a great guy and you will see that, if given the opportunity's to show it. I come packaged with a magnificent personality, and a killer sense of humour. But i'm not at all big headed, as honestly thats a terrible trait to have. I am actually very grounded and like to think I have a good sense of reality. I can grasp whats going on around me and nobody likes a show off right, i don't like people like that. I'm also very kind, thoughtful and loyal, which i think are very important quality's to have in life. As is having respect for people around you and who you know. But above all else i am easy going and excellent fun to be with and around. Good company you could say :) You have to be able to enjoy yourself, I think that's such an important factor. As life can be a real amazing journey, if you can meet the right people to see and experience things with. So after that little introduction about myself. I certainly think i am worth a date or even several of them ;) I do love to go out to a lovely little bar with an atmosphere, have a drink or sometimes two, and then afterwards have a superb meal. Italian being my all time favourite or maybe a nice curry, you can't beat a little bit of spice in your life! Sometimes to make things just that more interesting! Oh and before i forget to mention, I am a gentleman. I do like to wine and dine a woman and heck I'll even hold the door open for you! Well sometimes I will. Nobody is that perfect after all.......haha ;)
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York (North Yorkshire), England, United Kingdom