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wowluk, Femme 51
A propos de moi
SCAMMERS DONT BOTHER REQUESTING ME I CAN SPOT YOU A MILE OFF & REPORT YOU IMMEDIATELY YOU REQUEST ME!!! I DIDNT COME IN ON SAME BANANA BOAT AS YOU & WISH I WAS AMERICAN WHEN IN ACTUAL FACT YOUR AFRICAN!! SO JOG ON ALSO DONT REQUEST ME IF YOUR NOT INTERESTED, IM STALLED OF ACCEPTING YOU FOR YOU TO DELETE ME DO ME A FAVOUR & DONT LIKE ME! Ive had about as much luck on here as ive had winning euro millions & i dont play that!!! Im an outgoing,loving, kind, caring trustworthy Yorkshire lass, with lots of love to give and with a heart of gold, who loves to laugh, but hates jealousy, cheats and liars, honesty is always the best policy. I love my foreign holidays and have been all over the world, Australia, America, Canada, Europe etc. I party when i can and love to dance, this also helps my blood sugar as i am an insulin dependant diabetic, but i dont let that get in the way of my life. I am quite literally a workaholic, i work hard and play harder - you only get one chance at life, live it and love it. I do love to swim when i can and occasionally go ice skating, although not as often as i used to. I loved to bungee jump, even though im petrified of heights, but hey it was for charity.
Swimming, Ice Skating, Partying, Greece, Spa's, Australia, Weekends Away, Holidays, Formula 1, Bungee jumping for charity, Cooking, Movies, Music, Travel
Keighley (West Yorkshire), England, United Kingdom