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Samdunk6, Homme 24
A propos de moi
I'm me. Why bother hiding behind some tripe about all the good things. The bad things are going to come out anyway. So I'm Sam/Samuel, call me what you like really. I am socially anxious, have no confidence, have a very dry sense of humour, which quite frankly very few people understand. I have bouts of depression and slight paranoia based on acceptance and I struggle with trust issues. I'm weird, a geek (DC, Marvel, Frank Miller, Big Bang Theory, Retro Video Games). I will probably bottle up and you may be the victim of an insane outburst of emotion/anger which I apologise for here incase you are an unfortunate victim. I'm apparently in touch with my feminine side. The reasons for this logic were I don't drink and I side with girls more often than guys (mainly because, frankly, we are muppets and I am tired of seeing bad things happen to good people; girls can be equally as manipulative and cruel and that's not okay but guys just need to grow up in my experience!!!) I am a good listener, I like to help people with their worries and issues, even if it hurts me to know I can't do anything to change their situation. I also take things on my own shoulders and try and cope. I often spend hours awake when I should be asleep, thinking of somebody or something I could do to help that person. I play sports, all sports. I listen to music as most people will, rap, rock, metal, Elvis, French stuff (Keny Arkana Noir Desir, Booba, Abd Al Malik), Spanish stuff (Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Cypress Hill, Manu Chao). I write poems to express my emotions, or to try and encourage others with how they are feeling by giving them a boost through honest encouragement. I'm a student of French and Spanish at University of Sheffield, originally from Darlington in the North East of England. I hope to get away from England after University and a few years of study, to work teaching in developing countries in Africa and South America, notably Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania region and Senegal, Ivory coast, Ghana regions of Africa or Argentina, Peru or Colombia in South America. If this appeals to you,it may be a good base for conversation. I am a Christian. I'm a bad Christian, but at the end of the day I believe in J.C. I believe in the word of God and I try to live a faithful life. Note, I am a CHRISTIAN, not Catholic, not Methodist not C of E, not Apostolic, or Pentecostal or Baptist or any of them. I am Christian. One God, one united faith. I know I make mistakes, I know I'm not perfect, none of us are, but I seek the best in other people. It's about looking beyond those imperfections and appreciating the things that are beautiful in a person. If you can do that, mutually, you can go far. If not, then don't waste the time trying to change them. Respectfully move on. (All of these are probably quotes from other things I have seen but never mind) So that is me. I probably missed some stuff off, but I tried to be honest. Not trying to hide anything from you by attempting to craft a perfectly worded essay on this Adonis of a human being. I'm not. I'm a gimp. Being nice has got me nowhere, so I thought I'd try the honest route. Can't change who I am and I can't change others even if I wanted to. If what I am is good enough then... go for it. If what you've read isn't to your tastes, and you seen somebody else, well great also. I hope you have a wonderful life and are very happy.
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Darlington (Durham), England, United Kingdom