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A propos de moi
"ALRIGHT BRAIN..!!.. It's like this.... I dont like you, and you don't like me, but let's just do this Oasis thingy, and then I can get back to killing you with beer..!!.." Hi. I'm Steve and I am a divorced dad of 3 cool kids (How could they be otherwise? They have a super cool dad!!). And whilst I love them dearly, I end up doing a Highland jig when they go back to their mum's...!!.. A bit more about me.(ok, a lot more about me..!!..) I enjoy dining out at small suburban restaurants,having backyard barbies,going for country drives and weekends away.I love boating on my local river,sometimes cruising,sometimes fishing,(although I'm not very good and always throw them back),and sometimes having a cuppa or a beer at a local marina.I try to maintain a moderate level of fitness with some exercise. Luckily, my work is physical, otherwise, I'd be as fat as a hog!!! I love to watch my boys play soccer on winter Saturdays,as we don't play comp sports in summer due to water activities,camping and just enjoying the weekends.I am a self employed tradesman,and enjoy the flexibility it allows,especially lunch time dates with someone special. Born in Sydney, I come from a European background, but I am fiercely Austrian..... huh! what? Oh yeah,Australian,and love Sydney with a passion! I have traveled about half way round Australia, and cannot wait to see the rest!! I am a non smoker,non gambler,social drinker that is not violent. I haven't had a case of road rage for at least 3 days.I don't do any drugs,not even panadol or caffeine! I don't understand the whole "coffee culture", but then again, I don't understand why men have nipples??? I go to my local club about once every 6 weeks, just to remind myself why I don't go there more often... I look for the good in all people ,and show respect and courtesy.Having said that,Ah! Ah! Ahhhh! Shallow Steve says, no photo, no talkies.... I think my best features (apart from a smokin' hot navel) are my sense of kindness, honesty, and a very tactful sense of humour. I embrace healthy banter between 2 people, as being a great way to keep the fire burning.... I have, no piercings, no ink, no vices (doesn't sound very exciting does it?). But, Au contraire' Mon amie, I do have a very cheeky side to me. You should see what I can do with a Superman cape, a feather duster, a pound of duck lard, a pair of flippers, and a bowl of exotic fruit on my head!! Hmmmm....? I am faithful and trusting and I can't imagine your pain if you have been cheated on.I truly believe that I can feel other peoples pain.(warning bells sound,this guy is coco loco,walk back slowly,avoid eye contact). I enjoy learning new things and seeing new places. I love all things water,(I am so Piscean) I just remembered that my ducks need feeding. I am a dreadful dancer,and have hopeless rhythm,(must have something to do with being tall,just ask Michael Jackson!)I can feel the music,,I just can't show it. Oh, and I can't hold a tune as well. But I more than make up for that, by being able to juggle 3 oranges, and balance a golf club on my nose. I dance(very badly) to the beat of a different drum,and do not succumb to peer influences.I think I am a square peg in a round hole.(That's a nice way of saying "crazy"). I wear my heart on my sleeve,I love,I cry,I hurt,I give,I laugh,I feel,........ I think too much, I am an "other focused person" and feel selfish because of the feeling I get when I give. I will encourage you with your dreams, passions and endeavours, no matter how crazy they may seem to me. I will be your "rock", but once in a while I will probably need you, to be there for me too. I will be your "soft" place to fall as well.... I am a bit shy at first,( for about 3 nano-seconds )but have a nice sense of humor. Think, Owen Wilson without the hot looks.....This is my first time dating in 20 years, so be gentle with me. Going away to a small country town,booking into a local pub or B&B,holding hands and exploring with my girl,eating well and relaxing with each other is my ideal weekend. I would like to find someone that I can grow old together with,and connect with our minds,body and soul. To look across a crowded room, lock eyes, smile, and just know that you're the one. I am very judicious on this site, and rarely send out "contact requests", not because I'm cocky, but rather, because I am careful....(I think...) I look and feel much younger than my years. (or perhaps my friends look and feel much older than their years?) If the light is just right, then I can look like Nicholas Cage, mixed with Rampaging Roy Slaven. Unfortunately, if the lighting is wrong, then I can look like Cosmo Kramer, and Homer J.Simpson... Hmmm.. I sound pretty good...!!!... I might just go out with myself..!!.. :-) I,I,I,I,I,I,I.....DON'T YOU ALL KNOW ??? It's all about me ,me ,me ,me and me ........NURSE..!!!!! I have to go now , my village just called and they want their idiot back. Blah, blah, blah... Does anyone read this anyway???!!!???!!! I hope I didn't brain my damage!!!!!!!!
Lounge room picnics, Campfires and big wet kisses, Central Australia and Central Sydney, Earlobes, Dining in/out, Fishing and wearing polka dot thongs, Jibbon Beach, good shpelling, Live comedy, Great design and architecture., Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Sports, Travel
Woronora, New South Wales, Australie