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rexals, Homme 27
A propos de moi
ok im really no good at this online dating thing lol anyway abit about me . I have spent the last 6 years working at trago my biggest success at trago was when I was made charge hand of the new garden park while it was being built it was up to me to plant out all the show gardens such as canal street . Italian white garden . railway garden . and so on . it was really hard work but really worth it being 19 and giving orders to people much older than me was challenging in its self . after that I was made senior gardener of the grounds around trago . now this year im going self employed in garden landscaping . it all officially starts on the 20th of march . my goal is to become a nation wide company . im also currently saving for a deposit on my first house . in my spare time I like to meet friends or go for walks . go swimming and gym . I like going away to cornwal for random little brakes away . I am an animal lover such as horses dogs . you name it I probably like the animal . people have said im a very down to earth type of guy and easy to get on with someone even said once im very wholesome . I have a lot of love to give . in a relationship I give as much as I get in return but im always happy giving more than I get it just depends on the relationship a relationship is ment to be 50 50 right ? . im also romantic not to romantic and not to little . I hope iv made a good enouph first impression for you to want to talk to me to find out more . hope to hear from you soon . thank you for taking the time to read my profile :)
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Brixham (Devon), England, United Kingdom