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pooseymac, Femme 38
A propos de moi
Broad minded, passionate, always ready to try new things, love to cook and to be cooked for, enjoy getting out and about having a beer with friends, but also love a quiet couch night with movies upon movies. I am honest and sometimes a bit upfront, but don't see the point in pretending. I would much prefer to be hurt by the truth than to be lied to. I don't tend to procrastinate about things, I believe if you want something its up to you to get out there and get it, or at least try. I love theatre and daggy musicals, and am often that person next to you at the lights singing way to loud to the radio. Time can be the biggest issue, so rather not waste the time I have. I know where I'm at and what I want. Self sufficient enough to not need a man, but honest enough to know it would be nice to share my world.
Cooking, Movies, Music, Travel
Reservoir, Victoria, Australie