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kiwiinperth32, Homme 39
A propos de moi
Hiya : ) New Zealand guy in perth and loving it here I have been here for a few years now and here to stay and see this as another way to meet the locals. Im look for "the one" but am clearly having trouble finding her..but i know i will make good friendships along the way. Have done my fair share of travel (Hawaii Singapore.L.A Denver, Mexico Amsterdam London)and have had some amazing experiences along the way.**bjcinlondon** Im an outdoors person and its hard to beat a wine in the garden on a sunny afternoon Im looking forward to having more of those now im in a warmer city they are few and far between back home. Have spent the last 5 years freezing but working hard in New Zealand. Glad i made the decision to migrate to perth have settled well and it is a beautiful inviting city wont be leaving thats for sure. Enjoy my sports and am a fan of the All Blacks I dont pre judge any one as we all have a past but feel its more important to look forward NEWS FLASH just because i have dreads dont assume i smoke pot (cause i dont do drugs) thanks they have a far deeper meaning than something trival like that! Have had to learn a few lessons in life the hard way and with the knowledge that not one day here has been promised to us its about making the most of it We are only limited by our own fear of failure and nothing will be given to us however everything we ever wanted is on offer you just need to reach for it and let desire and will be your guide. I value my friends as i believe they are a reflection of yourself I enjoy coffee,live music,dining out and a good bottle of wine..not to say the odd beer wont go down a treat ... Its important to me that each day i learn something and laugh.
Outdoors, Good Food, Great (New Zealand) Wine, Lazy Sunday Mornings, BBQ, Live Music, Sunrises, Fire Staff, Sunsets, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Sports, Travel
Joondalup, Western Australia, Australie