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Haydz7, Homme 24
A propos de moi
Ok firstly my name is Hadyn. Spelt very weird I know but I like to see it more as unique lol. I'll keep this brief, im your every day guy that goes to work to make a living and just wants that one person I can spend time with and relax, have fun, connect with and take care of each other. Not sure if thats too much to be asking for but im really over being used or cheated on or just treated like a rug that just gets walked all over. As cliche as this might sound to some people, i wanna find love.. i do believe it still exsist just a really hard thing to come by nowadays. Well for myself, I definitely look like my photos, im not fake, I don't condone lying or being unfaithful in any way. I have never cheated because I know all too well how it feels. My life in some respects you could say that it revolves around music, and to a large degree that is very true.. I love music no matter the genre. . I play piano and guitar in my spare time, enjoy singing along and also writing my own songs which will mostly reflect on how I feel. . So cutting to the chase, if you're looking for someone really hot thats probably not going to be me, but what you will get is a nice bloke that will care, respect and adore you. I guess that's it for now.. if you want to know anymore then just add me and let the world unfold its mysteries... :)
Cars and Motoring, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music, Sports
Sandy Point, New South Wales, Australie