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Greenacresdominic, Homme 61
A propos de moi
Hi… I'm Dominic. I think I am a gentle, strong, compassionate and passionate person. I’m thoughtful and a very deep thinker. I'm considerate of people and interested in all kinds of issues and new ideas. My friends and family say that I’m a generous person as well as being determined and a self motivated. I enjoy talking about life and ideas, love, drama, philosophy. I think I communicate in an articulate way and I have put a lot of effort into myself to learn the best communications skills possible. I would say that a good part of my education started when I left school and that I'm learning and even studying every day. I tend to think well outside of the square so to speak and have a quirky sense of humor. I am not conventional in any sense of the word, and I would say that, when I do follow conventions it's because I choose too. I like to bring humor into most conversations for there's nothing better than to have someone smile or laugh at your humor or jokes even if they are a bit wacky at times. Although I am an introvert, I can appear to be the extrovert at times. It's the performer in me! I am a musician and sound engineer. I own my own poetry site, poetry dot net dot au and I do a lot of writing. I have an interest in spirituality but I am not religious. I have a deep interest in human affairs, / the community, / the down trodden, (plenty of them around these days,) and humanity in general, but I am not particularly politically minded. I would prefer someone close, say within about 8 km. If I click on you and you don’t’ want to accept, I would prefer to be told. Cheers, and I hope you enjoy your dating.
Writing, Poetry poetrydotnetdotau, Doing favours for people, Singing, Playing the guitar, Spirituality, Sound Engineering, Parapsychology, My Jack Russel Dog, Philosophy, Psychology, Learning new skills, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading
Greenacres, South Australia, Australie