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Fraser15, Homme 29
A propos de moi
My personality i would say im easy to get along with i have a great sense of humor um im always willing to try new things im always there when my mates need me i dont get that angry unless some one has really pissed me off apart from that im always in a good mood. I dont like been give orders but i dont mind if people ask me nice to do shit for them i dont ever force people to do things for me if im gona do some thing ill do it myself i only drink when i go out which is pretty much only on week ends so i aint no alcho lol. Im interested in alot of things um animals I'm really into reptiles and fish that's probably why my 2 favorite animals are sharks and crocodiles they are apex predators I love or the predatory animals I wana work with animals some day I've got certificate 2 in animal studys I did 2 weeks of work experince at melbourne zoo back in 2007 that was good. I've got a few pets got a saltwater snowflake moray eel but he dosent live with me also got 5 lizards a thick tale gecko a smooth knob tail gecko a marbled velvet gecko a tawny dragon an eastern water dragon and a eastern water skink I plan to get more lizards in time also have a little black pug named daisy . I like the old musscle cars im into sc-fi and horror movies pretty much any thing to do with monsters and aliens i dont really care for movies where people are killing others i find it more fun whatching people get riped apart by some demonic beast lol but i also action comendy and thriller I'm into star wars a lot. I've got 4 replica light sabers at home red green purple and blue i love heavy metal music and rock. My hobbies are clubing going out video games I've got Xbox 360 ps3 Xbox one and a ps4 which I play a lot of I also have a heap of computer games one thing that people notice about is my eyes i have alot of pairs of eye contacts that i wear all the time i get good feed back from people by wearing them .meeting new people listening to music like a lot of rock and heavy metal also listen to the club music love the beetles and queen whatching movies drinking i go to any club but i always go to the dorset or beta bar and madhatten dont go to the city much but when i do the only places is bang or retro pretty much. I dont mind staying home with that special some one whatching moves and haveing cuddles so if u like the sound of me ad me and we can chat and who knows what will happen from then.
animals, warhammer, clubs and pubs, heavy metal and rock, sharks and crocodiles, drawing, keeping tropical fish, horror, sci-fi, BBW and SSBBW girls, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading
Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australie