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Dansman, Homme 32
A propos de moi
I think it's a given that every guy on this site it kind, gentle, adores children and small fury animals and my personal favourite: 'loves to laugh and have fun'! Really?! So you'll be pleased to know my USP's are certainly more original: I sing along to cheesy radio tunes in the car, with accompanying hand movements, and with no shame. I am not a jealous person or psychopath and can read your destiny from your espresso cup. Get snappy when I'm hungry and haven't had my daily exercise fix, sometimes eat chocolate for breakfast and have a moderate to concerning coffee addiction. I embrace chivalry, value honesty and believe that a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything! Right, so what am I looking for? I think I'd like to meet the top 100 vogue women, the idiot that cut me off on the M25, and a cheap but really good psychic! Failing that a well heeled- soul mate will suffice. One with less issues than a news-stand and greater depth then the icing on an average birthday cake..
Singing, Socialsing, Martial arts, Gym, Caffe's, Concerts, swimming, restaurants, Cinema, Cars and Motoring
London (Greater London), England, United Kingdom