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callmewhatevaulike, Homme 29
A propos de moi
TAKE SOMETIME READING Im confident, centred, simple down to earth geezer. I'm very quick witted, and I have a dry sense of humour and I can also be an asshole at times (just being honest) overall I'm a thrill seeker. Im a muslim guy if u have problems with that then u can kindly F*** off.What ive seen here so far that people are too much concerned about races and faces!!! Well i Love love travelling been to a few places next one Iceland in my list ,like every other sane person I love hanging out with ma mates, BBQ, crazy night outs,going to gym and train hard I've pasted Nicki Manaj's pic on my punching bag it just gives me extra energy to throw a few additional jabs on that ganga's head, i like to have a good time but I'm not in clubbing scene in fact I hate it, i dont like the idea of getting drugged on dance floor and eventually getting kicked out, i would rather prefer an aimless drive ( i love my aimless drives discovering new amazing lookouts), or a movie or concert and list goes on and on and on!! I have a thing for English accent its sexy as, I cant live without music. i love any sort of music that touches ma ears but for past few years I've been more inclined towards underground hip hop IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE is my favourite! Love to watch movies(horror),Like to play Cricket,soccer. I work full two jobs altough imma chemical and forensic scientist and looking forward to complete my masters soon and work in my field I also love modified cars,Fighter jets im crazy abt em YOO GOO PAF infact i love all fast things. And dont forget abt Xbox 360 i really love it. I really cannot be bothered while m sleeping.IM REALLY REALLY WIEREDLY CRAZY ABT KIDS I LOVE EM LIKE CRAZY THEY ARE ANGELS. Kittens are cute tooo :) I also have a little interest in geopolitics. ohh ya by the way im obsessed with Krispey Kreme Doughnuts thanks to my ultra fast metabolism!!!!
Kitten :), Travelling/ nature, xbox 360, cricket, Palestine action group Sydney, hot rides, sleeping, soccer, NRL, CSI
Millers Point, New South Wales, Australie