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Bakefakecakes, Homme 27
A propos de moi
27 - Aquarius - music - movies - nature I'm just a boy with a dream  If you don't expect too much from me then you might not be let down!  I've recently relocated from Guernsey CI up to Ayr but even though I have grown fond of the place there is a world to see so location shouldn't be an issue for me, my best friend has a hotel in Blackpool so I tend to visit there. I play guitar and have started putting my fingers against the keys of a feels sexy. People have said that I am hard to read, they never know if I am serious or not, I guess I am a challenge, challenge is good though right? I like basketball and american football and of course soccer, not one to watch TV unless its my last option, I like comedy, noir, sci-fi, mystery and comic book movies. I eat as healthy as I can, I keep myself in shape, I treat everyone equally as I believe everyone is equal, we're in this world together so why not act like it, I like to help, I don't think people do enough of it, or they think they are but liking a page on facebook doesn't quite cut it I do what I do, I'm not one to follow the crowd with the latest tech or the latest adidas jacket or like a tune because the next person does...that is just silly..but unfortunately I do know people like this. I don't lie, I tried it a few times then I started thinking about karma. I'm actually stupidly loyal believe it or not
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Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom