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alltomorrowsparties, Homme 25
A propos de moi
I've pretty much just started to come back to earth after a whole bunch of jet setting and learning experiences that I started after high school. It's cool, I'm glad I got my 'fun' stuff outta the way before uni/work/life but I still want to look for good opportunities in what I do. I'm sick of the 'club' scene in Adelaide, (if you've been pretty much anywhere else in the world, you'll know what I mean), I much prefer grabbing a beer along Rundle street with a bunch of mates. I'm also really into my outdoorsey kinda stuff. I love fishing, surfing, camping and pretty much anything that involves a night away from home.
Football, Skating, Warm Weather, Fishing, Riding Bikes, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Music, Reading
Prospect, South Australia, Australie