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zemstag, Hombre 57
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I am on line to meet a wonderful woman.I know what it is to share a relationship,marridge,and level of tolerance,understanding,and trust.Would be nice to find it.Life style relaxed,Out look- positive and fun,Mental state-Questionable now im doing this.I am happy,good sense of humor,i have traditional values, ethics,wisdom has grown in abundance,i have 4 beautiful girls who don't live with me but my love for them is absolute,i have a wishbone,funny bone,and a backbone,i cry, hug, cuddle, kiss, play,I say what i mean and mean what i say,don't mind mud between my toes, well adjusted,i have depth and substance, active,fun,warm,curious, laugh at my self as well with others,energetic and positive look at life,one woman man,a man that does not love a million woman but a woman in a million. Love is the freedom to persue your own desires while sharing your experiences with the other person the growth of one individual alongside of and together with the growth of another individual. Experiance is a co,sign we give to our mistakes.Strong,sensual,considerate,dignified,assertive,intelligent,articulate. Take pride in how i dress, smell and look, i acknowledge and appreciate the simple things in life as well as to reach out of my (comfort zone)I am not looking for someone to complete my life but to compliment it,if you don,t know the difference than may be we are not for one another.Sure there have been experiences that i would not have done by choice but i bolive that every challenge is given for a reason,learn from experiences and become a better person.We are all seekers in this modern age as we write our wish list on this Cyber stage,we are all more than paragraphs written in for show. Sensitive,compassionate,genuine,caring,forgiving,tolerant, spontaneous at times, good communicator,and a good listener,can adapt to change, smart, little bit naughty,mischievous wit,known to have had a blond moment,(LOL), confidant, self driven, happy with who i am. Employed. I have many varied interests;wineries,markets,theater,galleries,message,i like dancing,cooking, good conversation,walks,beach/park,nights in front of a fire,watching a movie (love bond movies),very sociable enjoy life.I am a true romantic flowers,chocolate,soft music, slow dancing, gentle touch,soft kiss.(Would like to learn salsa).Beauty of life is to give and joy of life is to LOVE.Love is a noble act of self-giving offering trust,faith and loyalty.The more you love you lose a part of your self,yet you dont become less of what you are you end up being complete.Really all me and any one wont,s is to be loved unconditionally flaws,and all. Some other attributes are respect,integrity,empathy,compassion for others, man with morals,sincerity,loving,affectionate,faithful, loyal,strong at heart, well balanced, know what i wont,i like good music glass of wine, not shy to hold hands show affection. Happy to stay in as much to go out.I were these attributes with pride.Would like to meet a lady that can appreciate the differences that makes us individuals,someone i can share tears and laughter with, positive attitude to life and a sense of humor,willing to participate to progress in life,sincere,respectful of her self and others, a woman with spirit,a woman with strength and passion to experience life,smart,strong, clever,sensual,romantic,feminine,loyal, caring and happy.Behind every good man there is a better woman,behind every happy woman there is a better man!Together;extraordinary out of ordinary life " Would love to meet a genuine lady.The most common mistake is looking for someone to sleep with better to look for someone you can wake up to.Do not allow someone to be your priority while allowing your self to be their option.A mans kiss is his signature,Mae West.I think talking by ph is so much more personal Don,t you think?I am a man with traditional values with a healthy out look to modern times. Like to meet a lady ready to make new memories.The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched they must be felt with the heart ( HELEN KELLER).Yesterdays history,T/morrow,s mystery,today is a gift that is why its called the present.(Seen that on a a wall think its clever.)Most men pride them selves on being great lovers!A great lover is not a man who romances a different woman every night.A great lover is a man who romances the same woman for a life time.To be loved gives you strength,to love gives you couridge My health is my wealth,my children my blessing,and the money is a bonus not a driving force.So if you are ready to be loved and to love i await your contact.
Holding hands, Renvating, Theater, Galeries, Dancing, Going for coffee, Wine tasting, Picknicks, Romantic walks beach/park, Sociolise, Listen to music from clasical to modern, My 4 young ladys(daughters), Go for drives(long or short)., church, Kissing/cuddling, antique shops, brick-a-brack stores, comedi /shows, Live shows, Fishing, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Sports, Travel
Charnwood, Australian Capital Territory, Australia