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Tlc600, Hombre 55
Acerca de Mi
READ MY PROFILE THEN TALK TO ME. I am a very honest and caring person. I am very open minded and i do like to have fun. To me no one is perfect. I do have respect for other people and expect the same back. I have a very caring nature. I do like showing affection towards the person i am with and giving lots of hugs. I am single and I am no player. I AM OVER THE LIARS AN JUDGEMENTAL LADIES ON HERE. Where are all the honest woman who take a person for what they are and have respect for other people. Have the decency to reply back to get to know the real person. I notice on here a lot of you ladies say come talk to me. THen explain to me why say that when you ladies don't accept my contact in the first place. So ladies out there if you want to get to know the real me come and talk to me first then make up your minds. I am a fun person with a very wicked sense of humour. I have a very caring nature and i have no reason to lie. I am not married and i do not like being compared to other men. I do have a lot of love to give to someone out there. To me its not all about looks the inside counts too from the heart and able to accept someone for what they are. To all who do not accept my contact go look in the mirror and judge your selfs before you judge me. I notice a lot of you ladies on here say you do not judge well STOP JUDGING SOMEONE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. To me age height and distance should not matter as long as you are happy seeing that person. Trust is also what i am looking for in a person. I have not been camping in a long time would be nice to find someone to do that with again. Maybe even go off road explore some hidden places. In time if things worked out i might even relocate for the right person. Enough BULL S'T i am over it why can't you woman out there start accepting someone for what they are. I am old school. ALL I WANT IS SOMEONE TO BE HONEST TO ME AND NOT LIE TO ME. I am not into sending or recieving naked photos thats not me. I want to get to know the real person not rely on someone's profile. I rather talk to someone. What happened to respect why judge someone you know nothing about i do not judge no one
Boats, cars v8's, cooking, picnics weekends away, FWD camping, seeing new places, markets, good times, travel, music movies, Cars and Motoring, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music
Margate, Queensland, Australia