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Rosesgirl, Mujer 52
Acerca de Mi
Quote of the Day: People who are meant to be together will always find their way in the end ;) I am a DECENT woman with morals and values. I treat people how I like to be treated and that is with respect and understanding. Have 3 adult kids (with kids of their own) who have their own lives. I am VERY serious about finding the right guy for me so please don't waste my time with sex-chat requests or otherwise. I would never generalize men to be ALL the same. Everyone is different and deserves a chance. I love camping on my land or anywhere that has beautiful sceneries. I just like the idea of getting out for a nice relaxing weekend away. Haven't quite mastered the art of fishing but willing to learn (if you're willing to teach me ) lol. I also believe that if a MAN is truly interested in me, then distance is but a word ;) I am DEFINITELY not interested in associating with users, fakers, liars, indecisive men with no ambitions in life. NEXT!! Please step up responsible, mature and mentally stable men. Thanks!
NRL (Broncos), Cooking, Movies, Music, Travel
Earlville, Queensland, Australia