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pepsiperfect, Hombre 36
Acerca de Mi
Life IS what you make it - You DON`T get a SECOND chance. Peel the onion - I COULD be EVERYTHING you ARE looking for. I am NOT single in fact I AM in a long distance relationship, because my girlfriend lives in the future. Are you her?? I AM - the BEST in the WORLD - Official !!! IF U R looking 4 NSA - I am NOT 4 U Everybody knows how difficult it is to get a Guiness World Record. I have just been awarded 2, waiting on a final Decision for my latest attempt-it featured on Calendar news!!! Waiting for my third to be confirmed as a record. Waiting for them to send the requirements for ANOTHER !! I have already bettered 1 record. I AM Officially Amazing - a part of WORLD History FOREVER !!! If you go to the guinessworldrecords website and search for chesterfield I am the guy from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, uk !!! Peel the onion !!! I AM marketable - Multi Guiness World Record holder does ... That ... could INCLUDE you !!!
Hard dance events, F1, Cars and Motoring, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Sports
Chesterfield (Derbyshire), England, Reino Unido