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Bmenz, Hombre 58
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I live on the edge of the famous and beautiful, BAROSSA VALLEY PHOTO--OCTOBER 2014 I have an unconditional friend and lover, in my case a “RED DOG” KELPIE named SCARLET. Hi. I'm !!!!!!!.....bc. Please have a read......It’s quite a story.....I know it's epic......YOU might just be surprised/YOU might not.......I know this is not meant to be my MEMOIRS, but there is so much to tell to, that SPECIAL SOMEONE, to attract, and eventually I will !!!!!!! If you start reading this and think "who is this guy," I know it only matters to one. I have total trust, faith and belief in this !!!!!!! Life is OH, SO SHORT, but when we get TOGETHER, OH, it will be for such a LONG TIME !!!!!!! I take pride in my appearance and have many double breasted jackets but just love jeans and a tee all the same !!!!!!! I DO NOT WATCH TV, LISTEN TO THE RADIO OR BUY ANY SORT OF PRINT, BUT AM VERY INTO MUSIC, ESPECIALLY LIVE, ALONG WITH SOCIAL MEDIA AND I HEAR ALL THAT I WANT TO HEAR FROM THIS GENRE AND FORUM RESPECTIVELY !!!!!!! I am not pretentious or materialistic and neither will you be but from time to time having a splurge is not only a given, but a must !!!!!!! Show deceit and I will see right through you !!!!!!! I will always will put you first as long as you give me dignity and respect which will totally be reciprocated !!!!!!! I'm not on here to play games, I'm all about the real deal !!!!!!! This is so heavy(if it's too heavy, stop here) because I am looking for SOMEONE EVER SO SPECIAL, that I know few will respond. I have time and patience and I know that eventually MY ANGEL will appear from the stars and this majestic universe !!!!!!! I have not really grown up, but I have so much, feeling between 25 & 35 with my Mother & Grandmothers prayers keeping me alive, must be 1,000's of times bcos I pushed everything to the limit, and I mean limit !!!!!!! There is still a wild side that can unleash at any time, but happens rarely these days, having much more RESPECT for life and other peoples lives. I feel as though I have a PhD in the UNIVERSITY of LIFE from my 57 amazing years, absolutely amazing years being tested to the extremities with trials and tribulations. I try to be humble(have such a loud voice) but underneath, I am quietly so proud of my achievements and I know that I could have done anything, but I am so grateful as a servant of precious CHRIST and going back, I would not change a nano second !!!!!!! If you are an atheist, you're quite welcome to read for your pleasure but please leave it at that and please respect my wishes because it is going to go nowhere........sorry !!!!!!! I will also know if you have not read this profile !!!!!!! For people from over-seas, if you are looking for a meal ticket to this great LAND OF OZ, please do not take the time to bother.......sorry, that's the way it is !!!!!!! Inspiration by my DEAR MOTHER 1/-WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY !!!!!!! 2/-THERE'S NO SUCH WORD CAN'T !!!!!!! Over relatively recent years I have developed many philosophical statements being influenced by:- CHRISTIANITY, THE DALAI LAMA, BUDDHA, MAHATMA GANDHI, MOTHER TERESA, MARTIN LUTHER KING, MY NOW 90 YEAR OLD MOTHER AND MANY OTHER REAL HUMAN BEINGS, ESPECIALLY SOME OFF THE STREET COUPLED WITH MY DIVERSE EDUCATION, BROAD KNOWLEDGE, EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE ALONG WITH MY LIFE'S WORK, ESPECIALLY IN POVERTY, AND MY MANY, MANY FRIENDS GIVING ME A LITTLE BIT OF WISDOM ALL LEADING TO GROWTH AND SELF-GROWTH WITH SOME GOING LIKE THIS:- 1 /-MONEY & TIME HAVE NO VALUE, IT'S WHAT YOU DO WITH THEM THAT COUNTS !!!!!!! 2/-I LOVE MYSELF BECAUSE OF WHAT I DO, BRINGING HELP TO YOU !!!!!!! 3/-WHEN YOU GET ANGRY YOU HAVE A SPLIT SECOND CHOICE, TO BE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE !!!!!!! 4/-WHY REACH FOR THE SKY, WHEN YOU CAN REACH FOR THE STARS, AND WAY BEYOND, ALL THE WAY TO ETERNITY !!!!!!! 5/-IF IN LIFE YOU ACHIEVE THE GRACE OF 4 OR 5 REAL TRUE FRIENDS, YOU ARE VERY, VERY, VERY LUCKY. IT’S WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH, VERY, VERY, VERY, TOUGH THAT YOUR REAL TRUE FRIENDS REALLY SHINE, SHINE, SHINE AND BE THERE FOR YOU ALL THE WAY WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!!!!!! 6/-GIVE NEGATIVITY, YOU GENERALLY GET NEGATIVITY BACK !!!!!!! GIVE POSITIVITY, YOU GENERALLY GET POSITIVITY BACK !!!!!!! UNLESS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS AT PLAY !!!!!!! HAVE NOT WORKED THAT ONE OUT YET !!!!!!! NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL, THANK GOD !!!!!!! I have procured over 100 of these now and have about 2,000 from others to share !!!!!!! WORDS have been my life for many years. Ten thousand words, week after week is not uncommon and a document of 5,000 words has taken six months to develop, with everything in between !!!!!!! I HAVE A TWENTY YEAR OLD SON He initiated a band 4 years ago and there have been many instrumentalists come and go. During drama in the last 3-4 months, JJ advertised and interviewed many for 2 guitarist positions. We now have an incredible line up of artists and JJ wants these guys around to help them to perfect their craft and teach and learn all his songs that will have wide appeal. He also wants them as friends to take along for the ride. Which also includes me. A road trip to Melbourne to play at the “ESPY” was achieved in late April, the band being billed as “Special guest band from South Australia” !!!!!!! JJ is the driving force behind the band and when they jam and practice, if 1 wrong note is played by any member he pulls the whole band up and rectifies things very quickly, in an attempt to achieve absolute perfection !!!!!!! Off stage he is actually very introverted but on stage he is influenced by the GREAT GERARD WAY of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE when he becomes totally extroverted and spontaneous and performs for an old man like me, like a man that words cannot describe, the incredible, one and only:- FREDDIE MERCURY from the infamous QUEEN !!!!!!! Privately, playing acoustically on guitar “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY”, I am biased, but JJ does it better than THE GREAT FREDDIE On stage there are no covers, it is all his own creative art !!!!!!!! I like all MUSIC genre but struggle with most CLASSICAL !!!!!!! WE, AS PARENTS, ARE THE PROUDEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD, EVEN THOUGH MOTHER MARY IS STILL WITH US, SOMEONE SO VERY, VERY, VERY SPECIAL IS NOW WITH HER INDIGENOUS FAMILY AND EXTENSIVE FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTANCES ALONG WITH HER GREATEST FRIEND, THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST UP THERE IN HEAVEN !!!!!!! I try my hardest to be honest(No.1), kind, open, loving, affectionate, caring, understanding, sincere, compassionate, considerate, genuine, passionate about things dear to me, empathic, with intimacy, privacy and confidentiality important to me, along with being discreet. I try to treat a lady as a lady should be treated, including romance & humour Reiterating the spontaneity, non-materialism, but take me with a pinch of salt most of the time, you will know when I'm serious, I hope, avoid arguments with partner (had 2 with my last in 20 years.....I just said yes.....LOL) A ONE WOMAN MAN UNCONDITIONALLY !!!!!!! I've got plenty of faults, but work on them along with the positives which is a work in progress for the rest of my life seeking growth and ultimately self growth always trying to make myself a better person in my service !!!!!!! I AM A VERY DEEP THINKER !!!!!!! I AM VERY SENSITIVE !!!!!!! I AM VERY SELF-AWARE !!!!!!! I have a 25yr old Daughter with a Masters degree who travels the world at every opportunity along with my 20yr old amazing Son who is the Lead Singer/Guitarists of a band but has gifts and talents to do everything besides the business side of things, which he is working on !!!!!!! I believe in Equality but hate doing the dishes. Don't mind washing too much but natural drying is the rule unless someone gets excited and blows on them. Bit of a bachelor pad !!!!!!! Being un-materialistic I still now and again have a bit of a splurge and buy and enjoy some of the best that the world has to offer. I am a sucker for Dom Perignon !!!!!!! With equality, communication is important to me. A conversation goes way beyond me asking a question or making a statement on this forum and further, and then basically getting a Yes/No. If you can only answer with a Yes/No then I do not think you are for me and I would appreciate it if you would pass me by. It seems to be common and frustrates me. If you’re not prepared to open up and ask and answer questions and communicate which is one of the cornerstones or even part of the foundation of a good strong and healthy relationship, YES, PASS ME BY !!!!!!! Realistically there are so many intelligent women on here beyond a yes or a no. All you have to do is open up and express yourself because most women I have met are always up for a good yarn !!!!!!! I have been lucky to see lots of our magnificent country. I absolutely love the ocean, its beaches and stunning rugged coastline. I have spent many a whole night on a beach under the colossal abundance of stars seeing many falling stars and making a wish with everyone along with the beautiful, majestic roar of the ocean with the crashing of waves in the background. I have also experienced the roar of the ocean, high up in motels on the esplanade at Surfers Paradise many times. You don't hear it at ground level. There's plenty more to see and do !!!!!!! I have seen the whole of AUSTRALIA from the top of AYERS ROCK.........LOL The absolutely stunning sunrises/sunsets around the rock are something to behold with these features in the outback being always available and a treasure to behold. Love the large Goannas and the Wedge-tailed eagles along the way, and with all the wildlife and Sturt desert peas and the vast array and diversity of flora and fauna and how it all interacts. Have had many a meal from road kill......Just joking.......I also love the bush and the absolutely beautiful colours and contrasts of the outback. I am an experienced bushwalker and spent a day trekking the Olgas not knowing that it was illegal. A European tourist had perished there a couple of days earlier but I'm still here !!!!!!! For the moment, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night ROCK 'N' ROLL, dinner or lunch at a restaurant, pub, or cafe, fish and chips feeding the seagulls, country drives, browsing markets or festivals would be a nice way to start a friendship with a view to a relationship. Not into the pointless effort of putting money into those ridiculous poker machines !!!!!!! I have worked and been involved in Christian welfare for the past 23 years. I have utilized my extensive life experiences with education gaining knowledge in diverse aspects such as community services and health, community development, counselling, small business management, horticulture and computing to assist those less fortunate than me. Adding Maths I & II, Physics, Chemistry and English have helped believe it or not failing English. “Every human being on this earth has the same, basic right to respect and dignity and as individuals to be heard” !!!!!!! Further to this, we need to celebrate each other’s differences as unique individuals and try not to put each other down and in a relationship use love and communication as a foundation to sorting out any issues with the word sorry used often, right or wrong !!!!!!! I am a great activist and advocate for social justice and humanitarian issues and environmental degradation and am not afraid to speak out perhaps making me an extremist or radical !!!!!!! Sheer greed does not go well with me and when the CEO of a major bank says that 5 billion dollars is not enough end of year profit considering 10% of the population has 90% of the wealth is of great concern to me !!!!!!! I quit in December 2013 to travel OZ and I have done 4 trips and am now going to enjoy the rest of my life to the max !!!!!!! I do not watch tv because it is full of mostly crap with journalists only giving you their opinion and then edited to say only what rupert murdoch and the other media moguls want you to hear. Behind the scenes the 10% of the people with the countries wealth dictate to the government and that is what is legislated and the average person with the power if they all got together !!!!!!! and moved from apathy !!!!!!! we might have a chance to get the country back on track !!!!!!! Get rid of most of the politicians from both sides and a few more who are generally there for self interest and no more and replace them with PEOPLE, HUMANS with a HEART, MIND, BODY, SOUL and SELF CONSCIENCE !!!!!!! I love plants and animals having been raised on a farm, developing my own businesses from the age of 8, rearing a large diversity of animals, thousands of them, and selling them, all due to the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT of my:- BEAUTIFUL MOTHER !!!!!!! Lost my dad suddenly when he was 50 with 6 kids under 17 and I was a tender 11. I also had a large variety of pets many of which I reared including a couple of Joey's (a wonderful experience) This led to a very successful business in my twenties that took me all over OZ regularly. I love the biodiversity life along with studying ecosystems of nature, along with all the beautiful things OZ has to offer. Want to continue my travels of OZ or THE WORLD. Love this land of ours including the outback, the bush and the coast. We are so privileged and lucky to have this beautiful country at our door steps. Overseas trips are not out of the question with the right person !!!!!!! I have a quick wit, a very good sense of humour,. sometimes, way over peoples heads with sarcasm used at times. Can't help myself !!!!!!! I live on the outskirts of Adelaide but am prepared to go anywhere around Australia/World to see if I can find chemistry possibly leading me to sell up here and relocate !!!!!!! Earlier this year, I spent 8 weeks travelling almost 10,000kms across the Nullarbor plain and around Perth and the absolutely beautiful south west of Western Australia and having the time of my life. 1,000 pics mainly of the ocean, its beaches and rugged coastline !!!!!!! October, 2014 was spent with glorious days on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland having the most wonderful relaxing holiday ever with family who treated me like a King. They did not want me to leave !!!!!!! LASTLY I am a rough cut diamond looking for a gem to compliment and sparkle together. I believe in romance and desire to love and be loved once again and seeking that special intimacy of a relationship. Nothing less !!!!!!! So darling, if you’re out there, and I'm sure you are, please respond !!!!!!! Speaking on the phone is much better than endless one finger typing and keeps ambiguity to a minimum. I'll pay if needed. Please have a smart phone for texting otherwise you will still be trying to work out what I said last week !!!!!!! I thank you for taking time to read this and what is to come. I know it's epic and for a reason. Those that choose not to read it, I don't need. I want you to know a lot about me right from the start so that I don't waste your time, and you, mine. You can then quite easily move on if I have bored you and you have no interest or if it makes your heart beat a bit faster press YES. -----///\\-----Plz ----///-\\\----Put This ---|||---|||---On Your ---|||---|||---Profile If ---|||---|||---You Know ----\\\-///----Someone -----\\///-----Who Died -----///\------Of -----///\\\----Cancer ----///--\\\ MAY SHE REST IN PEACE...RIP MARY...SADLY MISSED EASTER SATURDAY IN THE YEAR 2013
OZ and all it has to offer/Cities, nice to visit/Better in the rear vision mirror., Realizing all our dreams and aspirations., Horticulture--Passing on my knowledge & expertise, to the not so fortunate.enquiringkids Girl scouts., My dog.SCARLET..Enjoyed SURFERS highrise manytimes, Fishing with you scaling & gutting..LOL, Respect & dignity.....ditto in a relationship, Respect & Dignity & Justice FOR ALL, FUN-Of all kinds within the law most of the time, Camping--5 star to Camper to tent, Fine wine with BBQ & I mean fine. Red, Leader/SONS ROCK BAND/AESTHETIC AMOROUS/FBOOK/LIKE, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia