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blagggerman, Hombre 58
Acerca de Mi
I am 56, work in field of education, I am a qualified teacher and now work with adults, some special needs but mainly with adults in work. I teach a variety of subjects raining from customer service through management skills and assessments. I am a civil servant for my sins. I love music all types, but love to see live bands,,, NOT the boy type, ? jazz and blues are my fav. But will listen to all. I have two boys 34 and 30 who are the achievements. If I was asked what was my main achievement in life I would have to claim my boys,, they are very well mannered and both have a heart of gold My youngest lives with me, 30 6’7 and stands tall, gowd, he will do anything for anyone,, another tribute to me I think, *smiles… everyone says so , lol, Myself I’m 6’2 mid-range weight wise,, I have lost 2 1/2 stone and will continue till I lose another 4,, I have set my goal for xmas, I’m on target to achieve this. Woo hoo go me, I like to think I have a great sense of humour, often told I have,, can be dry at times, but that’s part of my charm, I am quick witted, I read some books,, but I listen to more spoken books I can get through them quicker that way. Got a good collection of music which I listen to often,, at home and at work, (during lunch) he he, I get to travel over Tyne and wear a lot with my work, delivering training on the company premises, yes I deliver to companies as well as the civil service. I like to think I don’t judge I KNOW I don’t judge on cosmetics appearances as some do. I like a person on personality and how they treat others.
guitar Playing, (learning), Photography (learning), Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Low Fell (Gateshead), England, Reino Unido