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Wazzzzzup, Hombre 57
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I used to cry because I had no shoes till I met a woman who had no feet. It's nice to be important..but more important to be nice. If i read another woman's profile that says "I love walks on the beach" i'll go mental :) I'd bet anything that 99% of these women haven't been to the beach since they were kids. Also i don't wanna hear about someone's travel history or what sports their kids play. Don't like me if your 1st 2 questions are...How long have you been on here and what are you looking for? And those women who don't have a photo or have them hidden and all they talk about in their profile is insisting on guys having a photo or it's "no go Joe"...GET A FRIGGIN LIFE!!!! So this is the blah blah blah bit...How to impress a woman in a 1200 words or less? Mmmmmm..what can I say? What if i put down that I'm a Multi-Millionare with 10 inches? Now that would get 99.9% of women on here interested :) Sorry you 0.1% that can't handle money :) Okay, but don't judge a book by its cover..Here goes...I love whining and oops sorry wining and dining...hey don't we all?? I'm a modest guy who dislikes self centered egotists. So if you're full of yourself don't bother me. I have my own Massage Therapy Business specializing in Bowen Therapy. I'm a very intelligent guy....for my last birthday I got a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle and I managed to solve it in 6 months...pretty good when you consider it said 2-3 years on the box!!! Music and Sport are my 2 greatest passions. I'm VERY affectionate and I just crave kissing and cuddling... Nothing better than having a few drinks, listening to lovely music and having a kiss and cuddle with RIGHT person. I'm a great only takes me 5 minutes to cook 2 minute noodles :) Being me is just fine but being with a fine woman is even better. Love me for my Mind and not my Body BUT play with my Body and not my Mind :) Yes, I do love to play MIND GAMES...I think it is one of John Lennon's best songs :) Last xmas i got a sweater...would much prefer a moaner or a groaner. I once dated a woman with a wooden leg but I had to break it off. If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me. The two most important rules in my life: 1.Don't tell everyone everything you know. 2
World Affairs/Truth Seeker/David Icke, Documentaries, Movies / Making DVD's, Health/Fitness (Gym member), Football (Magpies), Disc Jockey, Snooker/Pool, Sport (Golf), People who are AWAKE, Computers, Joke Telling, Music/60s, Horse Racing, Running on Beach (bugger walking), Beach, Train Surfing (but only when the tide is in), Bike Riding, Massage Therapy, Blowfly Breeding..some women think i'm serious lol, Travel
Ardeer, Victoria, Australia